Dr Jackson’s products for super sensitive skin

I take my skincare routine and the products that I use very seriously because I have rosacea on my face, which is a skin condition that makes the surface of the skin red. In my case, this also means that I have sensitive skin and my face reacts badly to certain products, which generally translates to breakouts.

To give you some context, I had always had good skin, even in my teenage years. So getting rosacea in my mid-twenties was totally unexpected. I went to several doctors but none gave me a good solution so I started trying lots of different brands and products to try and improve it. After spending lots of money and throwing away a fair amount of barely half-used products I found a select number of brands that work miracles on my skin!

One of these amazing brands is Dr Jackson’s, an English skincare brand that works with natural ingredients combined with scientific expertise.

I tend to use all of their range as the products complement each other. The day cream has a velvety texture which moisturises my face giving it a clear complexion and a silky finish. The cream contains Kigalia, which is an African fruit with calming and soothing properties, ideal for problematic skin like mine. High in fatty acids, baobab encourages regeneration and promotes elasticity, visibly tightening the skin and diminishing scarring. Moisture-rich marula and shea retexturise and rejuvenate to promote a soft, youthful skin surface.The cream is quickly absorbed and gives me a sensation of nourishment.

My skin has responded very well to this cream even in the coolest of the winters. My face feels moisturised until the end of the day. I just wished they could also do face masks so I could give my face an extra treatment for special occasions!

I also tend to add, specially during the winter months, a few drops of their Everyday Oil with the face cream. This oil promotes elasticity and gives a youthful finish to my skin. It contains moisture-rich macula which hydrates and softens, calming calendula and soothing arnica which together fight imperfections to promote a clear complexion and a revitalised glow. After application of the oil, my skin looks radiant and feels protected from the external elements.

The night cream is intensely moisturising and has a relaxing aroma. The natural ingredients work together to nourish, hydrate and soften the skin, giving me a refreshed and radiant complexion upon waking. Fatty acid-rich baobab and emollient mango seed alleviate dryness and help improve elasticity for regenerated and rejuvenated skin. It’s perfect to sooth any irritation and gives me a feeling of wellbeing. Every night I look forward to my night-time facial ritual with a hot calming tea. I cleanse my skin and then I apply my night cream and sometimes I also add some a couple of everyday drops. The products feel very luxurious and calming.

The containers of the products not only have a vintage feel to them which looks great in my bathroom but also the dark glass means that the sunlight does not damage the ingredients, so the products are preserved for longer. Also, the face cream products come with a little spatula to take the cream from the pot which makes it more hygienic and easy to use. With this pot you are sure to finish all the cream and not waste anything like with the typical pumped tubes where you end up throwing away half of the cream.

I am a fan of Dr Jackson’s brand. They have a great range of skin care products, which are amazing for all sorts of skins, specially for those with super sensitive skin.

Additionally, the brand has also an extensive range of teas. The detox one is great to cleanse the body and also a nice excuse to have a calm moment and unwind after a long day. It’s tasty and does you good.

I would totally recommend the whole range but remember each skin is different and will respond in different ways, so make sure you test the products on a small area before you dive in. That said, it’s hard to go wrong with this brand! It’s been a great discovery.




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