Vichy Catalan spa

At the end of September, I spent a few days back home in Spain and my parents surprised me with a 3 day spa break. We went to a spa called Vichy Catalan in Caldes de Malavella, next to Girona.


I was very grateful to get to spend quality time with my parents and at the same time unwind and recover from a very hectic month. So this was exactly what I needed: eating, sleeping, reading and mostly relaxing.


Moreover, the weather was still very warm and sunny. I made sure to stock in Vitamin D for the winter ahead back in London!


The spa was opened in 1898 and designed in the Catalan modernism style. Modernism wanted to break with the ways of the past and create new art. It was an eclectic movement, which had an important effect on architecture. Modernist architecture represents a renewal of shapes inspired by nature, the use of new materials and the promotion of a nationalistic sentiment.


Being here felt like time had stopped. You could almost imagine how things used to be all those years ago!


The rooms were simple but comfortable and clean.



I loved the original mosaic floors!



One of the great things about this spa is that they have natural thermal waters rising from a depth of 2000 metres at a temperature of 60 degrees celsius. The Romans founded the town and built the baths, which nowadays you can see as ruins.

In the late 1800s, a Doctor, Furest, starting working in the area and he noticed that the population in this town had less digestive problems, lived better and were healthier. He started investigating the reasons for this and realised that it was due to the water from that region. In 1880 and 1881 he purchased the properties that included the thermal springs of Vichy Catalan and the adjacent land, with the aim of building a spa that would make use of these waters.

IMG_7597 (1).jpg


Since then, Vichy Catalan has made a business of selling naturally sparkling waters in supermarkets and people can also enjoy their spa.

One of the things that I look forward the most when I stay in hotels is breakfast and I have to admit that  the buffet here was ok but not great. There was a selection of hot and cold food but it felt like average compared to some other hotel breakfasts I’ve had.


Overall I had a great time and it was exactly what I needed. I would say though that expectations need to be set out properly:

  • It’s located in a tiny town where there is no much to do
  • The average age of customers is 65 (being generous)
  • Food is ok but not great.

On the plus side:

  • If you are looking for calm and tranquility, this is your place
  • The water therapy does work and really helps you to destress
  • It’s easy to get to Girona and the airport there
  • The area (not the town) has amazing restaurants (you will need a car to get to them).





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