Brunch at Alba’s

This weekend one of my best friends from Spain came to visit me. I was really looking forward to her visit and I wanted to treat her to a special brunch at mine. She loves eating all sorts of cheeses, so I thought it would be nice to prepare a cheese and fruit platter, along with some fresh, homemade bread.

I have been looking forward to trying out my brand new plates and mugs from Jersey Pottery. I had been given these as a gift and I thought their rustic look would go well with what I had in mind! I have one of their largest serving platters that is perfect for laying out the cheese and fruit. The colours of the crockery are particularly vivid, so I was inspired to decorate my table with the same colour scheme, and to try out my new two-tone gold and silver cutlery.

Below: the Cremona and Cézanne collection from Jersey Pottery. 


To begin with, I chose a fairly simple loaf recipe that did not require any kneading. The bread should impress any guest, even if they don’t know this secret! The only tweak that I made to the recipe was to use spelt instead of white flour.

Below: Taking the freshly baked loaf out of the oven. It was very hot and needed some time to cool down!

IMG_4685 (1).jpg

I then cut some figs and apples which were a great accompaniment to bread and cheese. I love that my Jersey Pottery plate has both figs and apples painted on it!

Below: Me cutting some juicy, sweet figs.

IMG_4705 (1).jpg

Below: Next I added some apples too…

IMG_4729 (1).jpg

Having cut the fruit, I then selected two of my favourite cheeses and added them to the platter, along with some sour berries to compliment the sweetness of the fruit.

IMG_4752 (1).jpg

Then I cut the bread. To my relief it turned out great! The dough was quite soft and the crust was crispy!

Next I poured two mugs of tea, and finished off the table with a fig-scented candle that smelled amazing!

IMG_4759 (1).jpg

I found that the sweetness of the jam and the fruit went perfectly with the strong cheeses!


Below: Getting stuck in to all the food!


We washed down brunch with our mugs of tea. I am a big fan of the mugs from Jersey Pottery. They are nicely-sized and have a traditional, rustic design. They feel reassuringly heavy and well-made to handle!


After brunch, and with our bellies full, we headed off to Columbia Road Flower Market to see what offers we could find.

Try out this simple brunch above. Message me if you’d like further inspiration.




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