Weekend away: Zurich and Lucerne

Visiting Switzerland is always a good idea: pure air, clean cities, beautiful mountains, amazing bread, tasty cheese… and all the better if you can go during summer!


I flew on Friday night so that I could make the most of the weekend. What a joy to discover that the airport is located very close to the city.  It took me just over 10 minutes by train from the airport to the main station in Zurich! I then had a further 10 minute walk towards the old town to the check-in desk of the hotel. I stayed in a cute boutique hotel called the Marktgasse Hotel. “Gasse” is frequently seen on most street names in Zurich – it means alleyway. The hotel was nicely decorated, had a great monsoon shower and the beds were really comfortable so I would definitely recommend it. There were stylish Nordic touches throughout the room!

On Saturday morning I had breakfast in one of the oldest cafes in Zurich called Cafe Schooner, which was a 2 minute walk from the hotel.


The interior has preserved the history of the place with its opulent decor. IMG_3940.jpg

The cakes look like pieces of art and taste like heaven! Avoid having too many for breakfast though!IMG_3942.jpg

I ordered a traditional breakfast that included poached eggs, orange juice, muesli, tea and the most incredible pastries. The chocolate croissant was one of the best I’d ever had – even better than those from France. This made my morning!IMG_6857.jpg

With my belly full I took a train to Lucerne and there I headed onto a one hour boat excursion to a small town on the other side of the lake. The weather was truly glorious and the landscape was incredible.



After the boat had returned to Lucerne, I walked along a really beautiful old wooden bridge adorned with flowers and I sat down in one of the terraces located next to the river and I enjoyed a tasty ice cream.



It is worth having a wonder around the old quarter of Lucerne to soak up the traditional architecture.IMG_4118

Also a short walk from the centre you can visit The Lion Monument. It’s a very impressive lion carved in the mountain that commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. It is huge and quite an emotive sight.IMG_4131

In the afternoon we took the train back and I explored the Zurich’s corners and streets.IMG_3991


The following day, our friends who live in Zurich prepared a surprise activity in the morning – a coffee tasting with two Swiss national barista champions. It was such a fun way to spend the morning!

Then we went for brunch at Hiltl. This is a beautiful vegetarian restaurant where you have an incredible buffet selection of food. Even my meat lover friends said that the food was really tasty. This is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Europe.



Our flight was a few hours away but we wanted to make the most of what was left so we got changed in our swimsuits and walked towards the river. We mixed with the locals and copied what they did. We jumped into the river and we swam down the river pushed by the currents towards the end. It was an amazing experience to be able to swim in clear waters inside a city. The water is so pure you can apparently drink it directly!


It was fun to watch some adrenaline-junkies jumping off a high bridge into the river. Not me!



Refreshed and happy we took our suitcases and went to the airport.

Hope to return soon!





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